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Assist the ISO 26262 compliant model design

LEASA Follows the layered concept of the ISO 26262 / IEC 61508 and guides the user in the implementation of the model by specifying key elements of the model in the required layer.

In addition the design tool allows rapid modelling of your
projects with its one of a kind split window layout
coupled with a traditional drag & drop system.

In addition to be compliant with ISO 26262 / IEC 61508 , using LEASA will help your teams to work on the architecture of your projects and so you’ll never encounter again interface inconsistencies or multiplicity of functionality that can quickly overload your CPU.


Automatic FMEA generation

FMEA is a really powerful tool, especially during conception phases.

But most of the time, because FMEA is realy time consuming we use it only at the end of the project.

LEASA allows your teams to perform FMEA whenever they want, by sharing information with the FTA Tool, which were supplied by your system/Safety experts during the design time.
So at the end of the project you will never be surprised by the feared hidden issues.

As well as FTA, extensive use of FMEA during design phases are highly recommended
by ISO 26262.
With LEASA it’s a simple task unlike the traditional way.

We suggest, as for FTA, to maintain some FMEA meetings only for solving issues highlighted by the FMEAs and checking the information supplied to LEASA .

Hardware Software Interface generation

LEASA allows your team to quickly check how the hardware interacts with the software, by showing HSI table as it is requested in the ISO 26262 . HSI allows the safety/System expert to check what element support the execution of the software.