LEASA Aeronautic

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Element State Management

As requested by ISO 26262 / IEC 61508 and good system engineering practice LEASA allows the specification of project’s elements States and states transition that will induce a functionality change of the elements.

To create and manage elements states LEASA
integrates a dedicated tool for easy use and enhanced work efficiency.



LEASA allows checklists on each elements to ensure that all conditions are good before editing the lower level.

The checklists can be edited to provide specific tests for each element type, an element family or all the elements in order to fit your development process.

Moreover LEASA contains an automatic test case generation system for performing extensive testing procedures on system (and sub-system) components.

The results of these tests can be evaluated, and in case of non-compliant results it is possible to identify and annotate problems in a change request.

This preserves the history of the various tests and their results.Visual feedback shows the status of checked and tested elements.

Very Fast Formation


The ease of use and short training phase has always been a center of concern for our development teams.

The core concept of LEASA is based on an old simple concept widely used in the US Army that is based on block diagrams, which allows a fast learning curve.

If the use of Simulink®, Doors®, ClearCase® or similar software is common in your company you won’t have any trouble using LEASA.

So the concept and the interface for modelling is really simple to understand, and is much faster to learn that UML/SysML.

No need to be a guru or fluent in voodoo ; everyone can learn to use the software in 1 day and become efficient in 4 days of training.