LEASA Aeronautic

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Support for HARA specification

LEASA, also provides support to your system and safety teams with HARA, by providing information on the item and its potential impact on the user, with a set of FMEA and specific tools. LEASA, automatically, adds to the HARA table all the item failure modes and allows a quick risk specification and even more:

LEASA can call back a set of exposure, controllability and severity that were previously recorded in order to be accurate and steady during the ASIL evaluation.

On top of that, LEASA allows the traceability between the risks and the Safety goals; and the traceability between the non-acceptable but not safety-related effect and the Item goals.


Requirement management

LEASA provides a powerful requirement management tool coupled with a unique requirement specification tool that allows to trace:

  • Requirements hierarchy
  • Redundancies
  • Failure modes that the Requirement stop
  • The element that implement the requirement
  • A version control system for associated files

And of course the traditional element such as unique ID, Title, Description, Rational, etc. Since LEASA provides support for the implementation of ISO 26262 the ASIL is also shown. And all those functionalities in one user friendly, interactive and cooperative environment. This will support the user in the choice between Safety goals, Functional safety requirement, Technical safety requirement, etc.


Project revision control

As projects are always evolving LEASA integrates a project revision control tool that allows quick and easy navigation to the project of interest by coupling a 2 level filter and a graphical tree that allows project branching, revision version, project lock, etc.

For a total control over the multitude of projects version that you have to manage.