LEASA Aeronautic

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What is leasa Aeronautic ?

LEASA is a versatile and complete tool which facilitates the design of ECU (Electronic Control Unit) electric boxes by following the IEC 61508 standard (this standard guarantees the functional security of the electric/electronic systems installed in motor vehicles).

LEASA was derived from an auto-codding application (generation of a readable code once a model has been established) developed for the internal needs of PANGO System LTD. Its approach greatly simplifies the design of the ECUs by using a vertically (parent/child) and horizontally (interaction, brother/sister) structured design pattern while maintaining a readable tree structure.


Automatic FTA generation

LEASA can generate your FTAs in one click on every elements of your model.The expensive traditional way for FTA drawing is over, LEASA allows all system/safety experts that are drawing the model to specify the information for FTAgeneration during the design phase, allowing them to check their design at will.

And as LEASA is a cooperative SW one system/Safety expert can check the impact of other systems on his system with one click.

As LEASA has an interactive interface it provides interactive FTA allowing your teams to have useful information directly from the tree.

Furthermore extensive use of FTA during conception phases is highly recommended by the ISO 26262 / IEC 61508 that is easily done with LEASA.
LEASA helps to give direction by highlighting issues by the FTA allowing for clearer meetings. With LEASA rediscover how powerful and useful the FTA is.


Interactive user friendly interface

The interface of LEASA is specially developed for allowing fast learning and ease of use for low adaptation time of your teams and achieved ISO 26262 / IEC 61508 projects compliance in no time.

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